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Whether it is blowback from a furnace or soot left over from a fire, Restoration Experts has the technology to make your home livable again. Soot has the potential to permeate every nook of your home. It will damage your appliances, settle into carpets and stain walls. Also, soot is simply unsightly for you and your guests. If it is not removed from your home, it can also cause respiratory problems for you and your family, so it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Our technicians take every effort to remove the soot from your home, thoroughly clean any area that was affected by soot, and restore your personal belongings. They will work quickly, quietly, and efficiently to minimize downtime for you. We know the stress and discomfort that can come from the presence of soot in your home.

Although smoke and soot may seem to be identical, experienced professionals recognize the important differences and the appropriate action needed to restore walls and furnishings damaged by soot. Wrong action can make restoration more difficult and could greatly delay your “return to normal”. These Emergency Tips can increase the chances for prompt and successful restoration.

Puff Back Tips


  • Change furnace filter.
  • Cover upholstery with clean sheets before use.
  • Tape doubled pieces of cheesecloth over air registers with masking tape.
  • Blow off or brush-vacuum loose soot particles from upholstery, drapes and carpeting.

Do Not:

  • Attempt to clean walls or ceilings.
  • Use do-it-yourself home carpet or upholstery cleaners.

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