How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company

Water Damage Scenario: A Hot Water Heater Leak

When Matthew and Amanda purchased the older home, they knew there would be some surprises as they renovated the home. Working with a tight budget and limited time meant that the project would take several years to complete. The hot water heater troubled them, but the budget could not handle the expense of a replacement for at least several months. The unit was twenty years old, and Amanda knew from her research that the average lifespan of a hot water heater was around twelve years. Rust in the hot water indicated that the unit was on its last leg. Complaints about cold showers were growing more frequent. Rumbling noises could be heard in the unit when it was heating water.

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Water damage disasters happen when least expected. Matthew and Amanda were no exception. Matthew thought about turning off the power to the hot water heater while they were away on vacation but decided that being able to take a hot shower after the long journey home was worth the risk. The couple realized something was amiss as soon as they returned home from their vacation. Water pooling in the kitchen indicated a leak somewhere. The entire downstairs was flooded. Floors were buckling, and the carpet was soaked. Sheetrock and baseboards were damaged. The home smelled musty. Matthew went straight to the closet where the hot water heater was located and discovered the source of the leak. The couple knew they had to act fast since water damage compounds over time, and this leak was days old. They needed water damage restoration experts in the Long Island area that provided 24/7 emergency service and that could respond quickly.

What to Look for When Selecting a Water Damage Restoration Expert

The following seven questions are essential to ask when looking for the property damage restoration service that can be trusted to deliver the best results.

Is the company able to respond to the disaster immediately?

Time can make the effects of water damage worse. Finding a water remediation company that arrives quickly is critical. Minutes of delay can multiply the damage. Ask these questions when trying to find help:

  • Is 24/7 emergency response available?
  • How soon can the technicians start the clean-up and repair process? Can they provide service within the hour?
  • Does the company offer emergency planning services for home and business owners who want to work out the details before a disaster strikes?

Is the company bonded, insured, licensed, and certified?

When searching for a water damage restoration company, look for one that is properly bonded and insured and that has licensed and certified technicians. How long has the company been in business? What level of training and experience do the restoration specialists have? Is certification through a reputable program?

Are references reputable and local?

Seek out a reliable water damage restoration company with solid references from local customers such as friends, neighbors, and family. Companies that are locally owned and operated are invested in the community.

Does the company provide a clear plan for damage repairs?

A reliable water damage restoration company offers a complete, accurate assessment of the property damage, a list of the needed repairs, and an estimate of costs to help property owners make informed decisions.

Does the company take care of the insurance claims process?

Choose a water damage restoration company that is experienced and responsive in helping to document damages and file accurate, timely claims.

Do technicians use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques?

A water-damaged home will need water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold issues in the future. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques speed up the restoration process, help prevent future mold growth, and ensure personal property such as documents, artwork, photographs, and other important items are professionally restored.

Are the customer, the home, and its contents treated with care?

A water disaster is stressful and frustrating. A reliable, compassionate restoration team can return life to normal. Accurate documentation, proper restoration techniques, and secure storage of personal property on-site are a part of the respect that the team of caring professionals should demonstrate toward the customers they serve.

The best time to deal with a water heater leak or other property damage incident is before it happens. Anticipation is the first step in preparation. Disasters large and small are inevitable. The small ones can be manageable, but the larger ones call for a united and prepared response as quickly as possible.


Restoration Experts is a family-owned business with over thirty years of experience. The company provides 24-hour live calls, and a one-hour response time is guaranteed. Because insurance claims are directly billed to the insurance company, the customer has no out-of-pocket expense on most claims. Having a contractor on staff means that they can handle any restoration or construction project that is needed due to water, fire, or storm damage. Restoration Experts is involved in the community, and the owners of the business sit on various non-profit boards, including Gift of Life Long Island, General Needs, and Rotary District 7255.

For more information about water damage restoration on Long Island, visit the Restoration Experts website at Contact the office by phone at (888) 869-3255.

At Restoration Experts, we make your satisfaction a priority. We can even take care of billing your insurance for you, and many of our clients don’t have any out of pocket expenses with us. When you’re ready to let us take on your damage, contact us. Our staff is available to take your questions at any time, so call today.

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